Our Story

Krishna Pandya founded No More Blank Pages in 2022 to create a world of endless possibilities. Despite having little experience in the publishing industry, Krishna took up the challenge of building a place where she could bring forward her creative work and beautiful stories. 


Here at No More Blank Pages, we believe that everyone has a story to tell, whether it is by using a pen, pencil, computer, colors, or another creative medium. The seven open roads in our logo are created so one can embark on a journey, exploring and carving new paths through their vivid imaginations. These open roads represent the different colors of the rainbow, and we would love our readers and authors to experience new artistic horizons and color their own rainbow. To encourage creative thinking and help shape the future of creative crafters, No More Blank Pages is dedicated to taking steps to advance, design, and support creativity.


In working towards its mission of supporting creativity, No More Blank Pages will donate some of our blank journals to adults and children going through difficult times. We’ll achieve this through our storybook sales and connecting with organizations that help support people in need. No More Blank Pages also plans to design a talent scholarship program for children looking to pursue further education in creative fields. Please visit our Nurture Creativity page for more details. 

Curious about Krishna?

Krishna lives in Northern Virginia with her husband. She was born in India and moved to the United States when she was 13. Krishna’s education and career path have been vast. She has her Bachelor’s in Anthropology, with minors in Religion and Asian Studies from Temple University and Master of Business Administration, MBA in Healthcare Administration, and MBA in Marketing Management from Wilmington University. She has worked in retail, corporate, non-profit, and government sectors. She is a dreamer and does not give up easily in life. She can be described as someone who likes to learn something new with every opportunity she gets.

Her love for the creative fields began in childhood with a mural of a beautiful bird her dad had created for her. As a child, she believed she was a bird who was meant to fly and explore artistic creations. Her imaginations and drive for the creative fields grew with her exposure to different artists, books, poems, folklore tales, and stories over the years. She wrote her first poem when she was in high school, and ever since then, she has been involved in writing and creating beautiful, educational stories that she hopes to bring forward to you.